Our Seniors ministry is very unique!

We are not a church that puts our "grey heads" out to pasture. Actually, we are the opposite. LCF does not buy into the worldly philosophy of having the young and immature run the church. We expect those who profess to know Christ the longest, to rise up and serve Christ the greatest. We do not promote or support a play-filled view of RETIREMENT. We call those who no longer need to work full-time, to use this blessing for God's Glory, in and through God's church. The Lord ordained ministry to be fulfilled in, through and under the local church. He did not ordain people to invent their own means of ministry that fit into their play-filled plans. we are called to joyfully surrender to His plan and His plan always includes accountability and partnership with your local church. Therefore, the greatest concern is not how you started the race, but how will you finish. Now that you have some wisdom, life experience, time and money, you can make an impact like never before. Seniors have to make a decision concerning their approach to THE SOVEREIGN LORD. Do you approach Him in a halfhearted, silly, play-filled manner or a surrendered serious manner? Will you follow His revealed will and way, or will you rebel and do things your way? Don't be silly! When you stand before Him on Judgement Day, He is going to be serious with you.

If you are over 60 years old and truly desire to grow in your love for Christ, then you will be at home here at LCF. We are your family! Even though your body is slowing down, your spirit is fully capable of shifting into OVERDRIVE!!! Please pray and ask God to give you the wisdom needed to properly appropriate the love that He has put in your heart; to exercise your courage by putting the pedal to the metal.