Sermon Notes

United as Blood Brothers

Ephesians 2:11-22

Today, we are going to be encouraged as we see three principles that all believers should consider.

l. True Blood Brothers Should Remember the Racism Outside of Christ – VV 11-12

A. Without Respect

B. Without Expectation

C. Without Governance

D. Without Guidance

E. Without Certainty

F. Without Divinity

ll. True Blood Brothers Should Recognize the Reconciliation in Christ – VV 13- 18

A. Reconciled in One Person – V 13a

B. Reconciled by One Work – VV 13b-15

C. Reconciled as One Body – V 16

D. Reconciled with One Message – V 17

E. Reconciled with One Access – V 18

III. True Blood Brothers Should Rejoice in the Reconstruction by Christ – VV 19-22

A. New Family – V 19

B. New Foundation – V 20

C. New Framework – VV 21-22