Sermon Notes

Contrasting the Old and New You

Ephesians 4:17-24

In this passage, we will be looking at two truths that contrast the

believer’s new way of living.

  1. The New You Doesn’t Live the Old Way ─ VV 17-19

A. In Intellectual Futility – V 17

B. In Intellectual Darkness – V 18a

C. In Intellectual Separation – V 18b

D. In Intellectual Ignorance – V 18c

E. In Intellectual Rebellion – V 18d

F. In Intellectual Callousness – V 19a

G. In Intellectual Depravity – V 19b

II. The New You Lives a New Way ─ VV 20-24

A. A Life Being Reminded – V 20

B. A Life Being Regenerated – V 21

C. A Life Being Repentant – V 22

D. A Life Being Renewed – V 23

E. A Life Being Righteous – V 24